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Meet Our Massage Therapists

  • Dr. Tim Hintz, DPT, LMT

    Dr. Tim Hintz, DPT, LMT is focused on manual therapies to aid the body in its natural healing ability. He can address many physical ailments and help to restore physical function or reduce pain. He uses a variety of modalities including dry needling, soft tissue work, joint mobilization, cupping, stretching and exercise education.

    What is dry needling
    Dry needling is used to treat soft tissue pain related to inflammation, sensitized nerves, scar tissue formation, tissue adhesion, and deficiency of blood and lymphatic circulation. The practice of dry needling today is used to address both local and systemic dysfunctions.
    The process of dry needling involves inserting a filiform needle through the skin where it physically stretches and manipulates soft tissue. The procedure addresses soft tissue dysfunction through physical (stretching) and biochemical stimuli.

    The needles activate physiological mechanisms that promotes tissue healing. Needling facilitates the remodeling of the injured and inflamed soft tissues in and around the needling site.

    Dry needling itself does not treat any diseases, but rather restores tissue and systemic homeostasis. After needling many pathological conditions can be improved.

    Dry needling’s local benefits

    Local physical stress reduction (tissue tension)
    Normalizing local inflammation
    Replacement of injured tissues with fresh tissues of the same type
    Dry needling promotes the body’s self-healing process in localized soft tissues as well as benefiting the body by restoring systemic homeostasis.

    Restoring systemic homeostasis means reducing both physical and physiological stress. All body systems, including the immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, among others, can experience benefits through neurological and vascular inter-relationships.

    The process is also hypothesized to assist in the balance of the sympathetic nervous system.

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  • jolene
    Jolene Druivenga, LMT
    Massage Therapist

    I have been dreaming of becoming a massage therapist for many years.

    Once I started my journey to obtain my license, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. Giving massage is just as therapeutic for me as it is for any receiver of massage. One of my brothers told me that I looked so peaceful and loving when I was giving one of our sisters a shoulder massage. This was one of many moments that I realized I had made the right choice to get my massage therapist’s license.

    Massage is a way to help your body relax, repair, and be healthy!

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  • James Kozuki, LMT
    Massage Therapist

    James Kozuki, LMT graduated from Body Wisdom Massage School in 2005. Along with Dr. Mandy Halling, James believes in an alternative and holistic approach to healing, all of this accomplished at our comfortable and client centered facility.

    James has dynamic background having been an All American collegiate wrestler, a U.S. Marine, and having owned and operated his own carpet installation company for over 8 years. James has patience, a big heart and an unwavering passion to study, teach and practice massage.

    Currently James teaches Myofascial Release, Advanced Stretching Protocols, Therapeutic Massage III and Deep Tissue Massage at Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School in Urbandale, Iowa.

    James also continues to work tirelessly in his private practice, where he focuses on injury rehabilitation, scar tissue remodeling and other Deep Tissue, Medical and Orthopedic modalities.

    James loves to ignite a lifelong passion for massage in each and every one of his students. His ability to capture their attention and excitement makes every class he offers a great experience. That is the same passion for massage that James uses in his private practice, to help facilitate healing in the muscle tissues and fascial structure of each client he works with.

    Massage can be a soothing experience for anyone, especially someone who might be dealing with emotional, physical or stress related issues.

    A variety of massage modalities are offered:

    Myofascial Release Techniques
    Positional Release
    Trigger Point Therapy
    Sports Massage
    Reflexology techniques
    Scar Tissue Reduction

  • teri
    Teri Riley, LMT

    Before Teri Riley’s graduation from Body Wisdom Massage School in 2008 as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Teri spent more than 35 years in corporate customer service, where she loved helping people. This passion has served her well in her massage practice, where she applies those passions to listening, responding and the healing of her clients. Along with Dr. Mandy and James, Teri believes in an alternative and holistic approach to healing, all this accomplished at our comfortable and client centered facility.

    As a therapeutic massage specialist, Teri designs each of her sessions based on YOUR individual needs and concerns. She does this through a variety of massage modalities.

    She utilizes these modalities to encourage better wellness in each and every one of her clients.

    These modalities may include:

    Myofascial Release
    Pulsing and Re-balancing
    Deep Tissue
    Positional Release
    Lymphatic Drainage
    Massage can be a soothing experience for anyone, especially those who may be dealing with emotional, physical or stress related issues. Teri’s passion is to facilitate healing in muscle tissue and fascial structure in all her clients she works on.

  • Kelda Ramsey-Reisman, LMT
    Massage Therapist

    Kelda Ramsey-Reisman graduated from Body Wisdom Massage School in 2021 as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Her focus is on improving how a client feels in their body, mentally and physically. Through a personalized massage therapy experience, the body is encouraged to reach optimum function and health. Kelda’s intention is to meet each individual where they are at and support their goals for wellbeing.

    Kelda’s background includes 28 years in a corporate environment within incentive award operations, leadership, and technology. A 15-minute chair massage at work inspired her to learn Massage Therapy so that she could “help other people feel as amazing as I felt”.
    Services and Modalities offered by Kelda are:
    • Relaxation Massage – With relaxation as the focus, this full body massage includes light to medium pressure with an emphasis on common areas of tension.
    • Therapeutic Massage – With the base of a relaxation massage, this session will be personalized to the areas you need work. By supplementing Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Therapy, and other techniques as needed to ease areas of tension. These sessions are collaborative to ensure comfortable but challenging pressure and accuracy of treatment location for ultimate improvement.
    • Reflexology – This healing art brings deep relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, stimulation of all body systems, including the immune, musculoskeletal, and circulatory system to facilitate an overall balance and wellbeing. Reflex points in the feet correspond directly with the organs, glands, and other systems in the body. Sessions are fully clothed, apart from the socks and shoes, with pant legs rolled up.
    • Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Gentle rhythmic treatment promotes lymph flow by directly stimulating the immune system. Treatment detoxifies the body by assisting the body’s natural flushing capabilities and aids in increasing energy, improving a sluggish immune system, releasing emotional stress, improving depression and so much more.

    Included with every session:

    • Aromatherapy and Sound Therapy, unless otherwise requested.
    • Oils and creams are certified organic and vegan, hypo-allergenic (no nut oils), and unscented, unless proactively discussed with client.
    • Comfort of the client, including boundaries, sensitivities and preferences are honored and respected.

    Visit to book evening or weekend sessions with Kelda.

    Give grace to yourself, to your body and to one another.

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