Reviews for Halling Wellness Center


This is the most comprehensive chiropractic clinic that I have visited. Dr. Halling is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She listens and is willing to try other options to give me the most pain relief. Her massage therapist, James, is THE best massage therapist that I’ve gone to. I’ve traveled the country and have never had a massage that compares to the results and relief that I’ve had with his deep tissue massage. The Halling Wellness Center is the complete package, nothing compares to their level of excellence. ~Shari P.

First time in 30 years I have had such a good adjustment. Dr Halling is a excellent chiropractor. Her adjustments are what chiropractic is all about. ~Kay L.

Dr. Mandy is always there to help me with whatever pain I am feeling. She also is open to discuss other health issues she has information of in order to help me feel better. She is compassionate and wants her patients to get healthier so they can have a better life. I am blessed to have her as my chiropractor. Thank you for all you do for me and so many other patients!! ~Vickie B.

Mandy is wonderful. I can always get in to be adjusted and I always learn something new about health and chiropractic but in a helpful way not a lecturing way. Most of the time, I ask the questions and she is very knowledgeable. The office is very inviting and there is a special place for your kiddies to be creative! I have been to chiropractors all of my life – and I am 66. She keeps me in line and healthy without pain. I can be in and out in 10 minutes – 15 minutes at the most when I just need maintenance. You won’t be disappointed. ~Sue M.

Mandy is the best! I have been much better with every treatment. She is a really nice person and easy to make appointments with. I will never go anywhere else. No need to. ~Kathleen S.

Great service, fit u n, when available. Feel wonderful when I leave. Good atmosphere ~Jerry Q.

I always feel great after my sessions. That’s why I set up monthly sessions. ~Mary D.

Dr. Halling is thorough, detailed and provides precise manipulations, She is firm yet gentle and seeks to find the root of the problem whether it be musculo-skeletal or dietary or stress. She is also friendly, open and a great communicator. She cares about her patients. ~Donna M.

It was the best I’ve had in a long time ~Lisa A.

Anytime I email or call for an appointment, I get a prompt response. Mandy is always very professional and just makes it easy to come in. ~Michelle W.

Always caring and effective treatment. ~Lawrence M.

Always quick and hits all the right spots and offers tips to help reduce stress and aches and pains. I love Dr. Mandy!! ~Denise G.

Dr. Mandy is the best. I have been going to her for 10 years. I always feel better when leaving her office. I am able to get in to see her quickly and when it is convenient for me. ~Christine S.

I like Dr. Halling’s approach to treat the whole person and not just the area that hurts. I will keep coming back. ~Barb S.

I arrived and was greeted by Dr. Mandy. I provided Dr. Mandy with my back problems and we went into the exam room where I was promptly treated and we discussed the pain. I had some instant relief but still was experiencing some lower back pain. Dr. Mandy suggested another treatment the following day and possibly some treatment quarterly to eliminate some possible pain that I experience every 6-9 months. I always appreciate the care and treatment that I receive from Dr. Mandy. ~Randy H.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my chiropractic care! Absolutely love her! ~Brittany K.

Fantastic as always – and then I go home, sleep on my body, and feel like I’ve ruined all of your hard work. ~Erin J.

Dr. Halling is an excellent practitioner. She listened to my problem and then explained what the course of action would be. The cost of care is very reasonable if you don’t have insurance. ~ Barb S.

Dr. Halling is attentive to my physical condition and provides a treatment approach to improve alignment, increase mobility, and reduce pain. She is an integral part of my healing plan. ~Julie F.

What can I say? Dr. Mandy is great! The first time I came to her office, I was impressed with her open mindedness. She had a variety of mind, body, spirit specialists. She is very knowledgeable about the body and has given me exercises and advice on supplements to help keep my body in tip-top shape.

She is the only chiropractor who can do an adjustment on my hiatal hernia. I feel immediate relief after a session. After any adjustment sessions, no matter what it is, I feel so much better.

The environment in her office is full of positive energy. I can be very upset and just walking in and sitting in that positive energy makes me feel better. ~Mary D.

Dr. Mandy Halling is always knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. If I come into her clinic with neck and back pain, I always leave feeling much better.

Dr. Mandy Halling cares about her patients’ well-being and she takes the time to ask about your symptoms and gives a good examination. I would recommend Dr. Mandy Halling at the Halling Wellness Center for anyone who needs an awesome chiropractor. ~Robert B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Mandy Halling’s on a regular basis for five years. I find Dr. Mandy to be skilled, practical, gentle and personable.

Dr. Mandy has a special knack for correcting structural problems in all three planes (x, y and z; or left/right, up/down and front/back). She corrected a problem I had with an unstable patella by correcting rotation in all three axes without her even knowing I had a knee issue.I had had trouble with that knee for decades and had been treated by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and other chirpractors. Dr. Mandy was the one practitioner who even inadvertently got that kneecap to stabilize simply by knowing how to get my “foundation” level. I continued to see Dr. Mandy as a part of a healthy regime. More recently I received treatment from Dr. Mandy during a period of recovery from a badly broken leg. She even figured out how to adjust my spine and hip while my leg was in a fixator two weeks after the accident. ~Tina W.

You are in good hands here! Between Dr. Mandy and James the massage therapist I was pain free, till I moved out of state and oh how I miss them! Once a month for several years I’d get a massage and adjustment, and I felt the best in my life. No tension, no aches and pains. If I need an adjustment in between Dr. Mandy always squeezed me in. James is so educated in different types of pain management massage, it’s wonderful he can find the troubled spots without telling him. James healed a pulled groin and a lower back issue for me. Dr. Mandy also played a big part in my low back pain recovery. Today I am trying to find a new massage therapist and Chiro, and realize how wonderful and educated they are. Look no further Des Moines you have found the BEST. ~Danielle T.

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